MGMTIMS – Background

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  • Conceptualized in 2013 with a vision to find a pride of place amongst some of the largest hospitals in the world. 


  • More than 1500 acres of land in Saharanpur District already acquired by Promoter from his internal resources. Of the 1500 acres, 150 acres are earmarked for the Hospital, Dental ,Nursing and Medical College.


  • MGMTIMS has sufficient collateral for seeking investment. Its land asset is valued at INR 720 cr. Other assets includes 140,000 teak plants having a market value of INR 3000 cr as on present date and having a maturity value of INR 12,000 cr by the year 2024.


  • Group companies of promoter have an excellent track record of meeting financial targets over the past 2 decades. Banks have sanctioned a further INR 35 cr. for various projects.


  • MGMTIMS is uniquely positioned to address the woeful Health Infrastructure in India due to the following factors :
  • Strategic location : Can cater to a target population of 282 million in 6 major densely populated North Indian States – Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand ,Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.
  • Demand outstripping supply : Addition of 2000 beds would be one of the steps to address India’s bed requirement of a minimum of 650,000 beds by 2017 . As per WHO statistics (2013), India has only 1.3 beds per 1,000 population, significantly lower than the other BRIC economies and the WHO guideline of 3.5 beds per 1,000 population .
  • Increased Govt. spending on health care : Total annual health care spending is expected to more than double from 2012-2017, to 130 billion pounds ( US$ 201.4 billion), an average annual growth rate of 15.8 percent.


Fast growing Medical Tourism market : Expected to reach 3.9 billion pounds (US$ 6 billion ) in 2018 from 1.9 billion pounds (US$ 3.0 billion) in 2014

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An up coming facility in the area